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        Every Day Use & Stationery Labels

        The office of Label India is located in the Business Capital of India, Mumbai. It is one of the recognized Self Adhesive Label Vendor in Domestic Market.

        It is a Family run Independent Business with over 15 years of Label, Film & Foil Converting Experience. Whilst servicing the local market, we have built a good Portfolio of Blue Chip Converters, Value Added Resellers as well as the Consumers alongside.

        We work with the Latest Technologies and Equipment to have a better output and error free results.

        Whether you are looking for Blank Roll Labels, Four Color Processed Custom Printed Labels, Tags, Coupons or Receipts, we will provide the quality, you require. We can practically print any kinds of substrates, either in Roll Form or Sheets, to fit the most Applicators or Over Printers in the market.

        We can cater to every needs of the company, whether it is a 100 nos. or 300,000 Quantity.

        We are your one stop source for all your Labeling and Printing needs, from Design to Finished Product.

        Four Reasons why BUYERS Rely on LABEL INDIA :

        Our Policy has always been to offer Maximum Quality Products at a Reasonable Price.

        Top-Most Quality
        The various substrates and the raw materials used in making our products are the finest obtainable and the regularly available in the market.

        Guaranteed Satisfaction
        You can always place your order with complete Confidence and Assurance that the products you receive will conform to your Specifications.

        Personalized Attention
        Here at Label India, the Customer is the "King". His problems are our problems - our concern. We can recommend the best product for the best application, Support to Design a New Product, or Improve your Present Product.